Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A local elementary school in Mesa, Arizona requested a charter bus rental for their annual 5th grade field trip to the Arizona Science Center in Phoenix. With nearly 60 students and 10 teachers attending, the school required a full-size charter bus that could seat at least 70 passengers. Since the roundtrip journey from Mesa to Phoenix is approximately 60 miles, the rental cost was calculated based on mileage. Additionally, charges for the team’s hotel stay and parking at the science center were incorporated into the total price. To keep costs reasonable, the school booked their trip several months in advance during the off-peak season.

Example #2:

A large manufacturing company in Mesa, Arizona requested transportation services for their next corporate conference. They needed group shuttle services to transport employees from nearby hotels to the event venue for the three-day conference. Given the size of their group, a fleet of three full-size charter buses was required, each with capacity for 56 passengers. The total cost for the three-day shuttle service was $7,500, with a 20% deposit due upfront. This price included the convenience of having professional team navigate the routes between hotels and venues, as well as comfortable amenities like onboard restrooms and air conditioning during hot Arizona days.

Example #3:

A high school baseball team in Mesa, Arizona booked a charter bus rental through our company for their big playoff game in Tucson. With 20 players, 3 coaches, and lots of baseball equipment to transport, the team needed a full-size charter bus with ample storage space. Our reservation specialist recommended a 56-passenger bus to comfortably accommodate the entire group and all their gear. Since the round-trip journey from Mesa to Tucson spans over 200 miles, we charged the team a rate of $1,200 for the day rental, plus a 20% gratuity for the team. The team also had to cover any tolls, parking fees, and the team’s hotel for the overnight stay.

Example #4:

A local high school in Mesa, Arizona recently needed a charter bus rental for their senior class trip to the Museum of the West. The museum, located in Scottsdale, offered a special educational program for the students to learn about life in the Old West. With 52 students and 4 chaperones attending, the school booked a full-size charter bus with 56 seats to accommodate everyone comfortably. The trip included transportation from the high school to the museum and back, a total distance of around 40 miles. Since this was a single-day trip within the Phoenix metro area, the bus company charged an hourly rate with a minimum of 5 hours. Based on typical pricing for day trips in the region, the cost was likely around $600-$800 for a few hours of charter bus service. This covered the team’s time, vehicle operating costs, and a modest gratuity for excellent service!

Example #5:

A Mesa, Arizona bride planned an unforgettable wedding day with the help of a charter bus rental for her bridal party’s transportation. The bachelorette party kicked off the celebrations with a charter bus rental to shuttle the group from their hotel to the popular BarWalk in Old Town Scottsdale. On the big day, the bride requested a shuttle rental to transport her bridesmaids to the wedding venue in Chandler, Arizona. After the ceremony and reception concluded, the newlyweds and their wedding party hopped back aboard the shuttle for a comfortable ride back to their hotel in downtown Mesa. With travel time to multiple locations across the Phoenix metro area over the course of two days, the charter bus rental cost for this wedding celebration totaled around $1,500.

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